First step on the ladder: Topic selection

For any student pursuing a PhD in any specialization, it can be a hassle to finalize on a thesis topic that offers ample potential for research. The ability to conceptualize a research idea is a handy skill for any student before starting on the research.
Listed below are some tips that can help you to select the right topic for your thesis:
• Idea generation: It is the initial stage where you need to brainstorm for ideas that are viable for your thesis. It is better to create a list of several ideas, instead of waiting for the right one. If there are no restrictions, think of ideas that cover a range of fields (example, current affairs, sports, or humanities). Avoid an overused idea unless you have a unique approach to it. Generating multiple ideas can reduce your pressure and expand your idea generation skills.
• Conduct a background research: Before finalizing on an idea, perform a background research on it using the Internet or your library. Ensure that there is sufficient research material available for your reference. In case, there is no material that is specific to your research idea, search for a broader term that is related to your topic.
• Be specific and focused: Create an accurate definition for your topic. Instead of a broad term like “UK politics,” narrow it down to be more specific.
• Create a list of keywords: Think of multiple keywords that can best describe your topic.
• Formulate the overall statement of your thesis: The thesis statement should clearly define the objective of your thesis. Your thesis statement must not be longer than a couple of sentences and must cover the overall scope of your thesis project.